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07 octobre 2018

Prochaine rencontre à Chengdu



Sur invitation de Shu Cai et Yvon Le Men, nous nous retrouverons poètes de langue française, occitane, bretonne, arabe, anglaise, chinoise (mandarin)...etc

à Chengdu , capitale  du Sichuan et de la poésie  du 10 au 15 octobre 2018 



j'ai reçu un poème d'un ami
un ami étranger
qui raconte notre origine
quand il n'y avait pas

Yvon Le Men


In 2017, the First International Poetry Week in Chengdu was successfully held and drew attentions around the world. The year of 2018 will witness the coming of the second poetry week, also Chengdu & Paris International Poetry Week themed “influence of cities: the world built with poetry and the truth in the depth of time”, and we strive to forge this event into one of the most internationally influential culture brands, Chengdu’s cultural identity and a driving force for cultural soft power enhancement that fully embodies the concept of new development.

本次诗歌周活动将于1011—15日在成都隆重举行,由七大活动组成,内容精彩纷呈,主要包括:一、欢迎晚宴及领导致辞;二、诗歌的成都 世界的天府——“2018●第二届成都国际诗歌周开幕式;三、诗歌的成都 世界的天府——“2018●第二届成都国际诗歌周题对话活动;四、在路上的诗意——“2018●成都第二届国际诗歌周创作采风活动;五、成都与巴黎 诗歌双城会——“2018●第二届成都国际诗歌周诗歌朗诵会;六、成都与巴黎 诗歌双城会——“2018●第二届成都国际诗歌周成都、巴黎诗人合集《夏天还很远》首发仪式;七、燃烧的诗歌——“2018●第二届成都国际诗歌周 五粮液诗酒之夜篝火晚会;七、诗歌周期间的诗人活动、主题对话、田野访问、生活花絮等,将以图文并茂的方式编辑出版。

The event of this time, to be held in Chengdu from October, 11th to 15th, is composed of seven proceedings, including: I. Welcoming banquet and hosts’ addressing; II. Opening ceremony of "2018 Chengdu 2nd international poetry week"; III. Poetic Chengdu and the world's Tianfu - themed dialogue; IV. Poetry en route - "2018 Chengdu First International Poetry Week" gathering and creation expedition; V. Chengdu and Paris Poetry Week - poetry recital of "2018 Chengdu 2nd International Poetry Week"; VI, Chengdu and Paris Poetry Week - launching ceremony of poetry anthology, "Summer is Far Away", by poets from Chengdu and Paris; VII. the Night of Wuliangye -- bonfire party of "2018 Chengdu 2nd International Poetry Week"; VIII. Editing and publishing the collection of activities, themed dialogues, field visits and tidbits during the poetry week.


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